A downloadable game for Windows

Douse and Repair

A clunky repair bot challenge

This is my entry for The Game Maker's Toolkit game jam based on dual purpose design (as well as my first ever attempt at a finished game!)

The game attempts to fit the theme of dual purpose design by having everything be preformed by a single mouse click. You click in the direction you want to shoot your water gun, and a shot will go in that direction while the force of the shot will push you in the opposite direction, making firing the water gun act as both an attack and method of egress, but also adds the challenge of being aware of what is in front of your  movement path when shooting. The goal is to douse fire enemies to build up your score while avoiding the incoming flames.

As a repair bot, the bot gets a health boost and some extra points when he moves over and automatically fixes a broken wire. But electricity and water don't mix, hitting a broken wire with water causes it to burst into 3 fire enemies! This was done to give wires the purpose of either healing the player and boosting score, or endangering the player and increasing challenge. 

Everything was done entirely by myself in the Game Maker Studio (first version) with the help of googling Youtube tutorials and is intended to run on PC


DouseAndRepair.exe 2 MB


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